Works in Progress: 

Please, Tell Me I’m Wonderful  “Please, tell me you still love me even when I’ve done something wrong,” starts this book about the simple reminders children need to hear every day – reminders that they are good, talented, beautiful, and, above all, loved. (Picture book)

I Know an Old Giant Who Swallowed the Sky – A giant swallows a cloud that makes him cry a rainstorm, a flock of pelicans, an airplane, the moon, the stars, a satellite, and finally the sun. People with satellite TV watch what happens as the giant falls asleep, and the airplane, moon, cloud, and pelicans – carrying stars in their beaks – escape. The sun is stuck inside until heartburn makes the giant cough it up. The only think left is the satellite, and the people on earth change channels, except for a few who can’t wait to find out what the giant will swallow next. (Picture book)

 Eaten Out of House and Homea witch opens her gingerbread house to a couple of freeloaders named Hansel and Gretel and ends up teaching them about proper diet and nutrition. (Picture book)

 The Glass Butterfly – Jem is a beautiful butterfly, but she’s afraid to take to the skies, because everyone tells her she’s made of glass. One day she meets a real glass butterfly who isn’t afraid to soar. A fearless friend with juvenile arthritis inspired this story. Some of the proceeds from this book will go to benefit children with this condition. (Picture book) 

Princess Lucy, the Fairies and the Goblins – Lucy is an orphan who thinks she’s a fairy princess. One night two mean fairies kidnap her, and she discovers her parents are really the warm and wonderful king and queen of the goblins. The theme of this story is that it doesn’t matter if your parents are perfect; the only thing that does is that they love you. (Picture book)

When Sandy Turned Twelve Dan Tyler’s best friend, Sandra Day Goldberg, is turning twelve, and Dan looks forward to her big Bat Mitzvah bash. Sandy, however, wishes she could share his enthusiasm. She doesn’t want a big, expensive, formal party like her older sister had, but she doesn’t know how to tell her parents. It’s up to Dan to save the day, and what he has in mind turns out to the best party Sandy could have ever hoped for. (Part of the Dan Quixote series.) (Middle Grade.)

Forever Young – A couple of child-hating adults offend a fairy by mistaking her for a little girl, and she gets back at them by turning them into children just days before their planned wedding. The man makes friends with an eleven year old and falls in love with the boy’s mother. She teaches him about all the things he missed by growing up too fast. When he learns to see the world through a child’s eyes, he turns back into a man -- but he is forever changed into a child at heart. Meanwhile, the woman refuses to accept her fate and does everything she can to carry on her Fifth Avenue life, business as usual. (Middle Grade.)

 If the Shoe Fits – What’s a wicked witch to do? The glass slipper fits her, but she doesn’t want to marry the prince! In the end she shows him a better method for a finding a mate – one that doesn’t involve footwear. The wicked witch takes her success online and opens a matchmaking service: Now that is WICKED! (Middle Grade novelette).