Shevi's work as a political cartoonist and as the editor of The Comic Paper led to numerous interviews between 1992 and 1996.

     These included articles in the weekend magazines of Maariv and Yidiot Acharonot -- Israel's two largest newspapers. She was also featured twice in La'Isha -- a popular women's magazine -- and in the IDF's BaMachaneh.     

From an article in
Signon. Original photo by Irit Zilberman.


From La'Isha. Original photo by Zoom 77.

     Shevi appeared on Israeli television three times: on Channel One's Good Morning Israel, on cable television's In the Parlor, and on Educational TV's Media File.

One of her favorite interviews was on Israel radio's Channel Aleph, because she liked being in the sound studio and making the host of the show laugh out loud.  She also enjoyed working on an educational film, for the Israeli school system, about how comics are made.

     Being a member of the panel in a forum on humor at Hebrew University was a challenge for the normally shy writer-illustrator, but she is glad she did it anyway. The forum gave her the opportunity to meet some of her fellow humorists and make the students think -- and laugh. As Shevi says, "If I've made someone laugh, then I know my job is done." 

Shevi Arnold plans to be available for public appearances to publicize her books.