Shevi Arnold



        After the First Lady orders May Tree cut down, Honey-Bea and her best friend -- a walking and talking houseplant named Miro-- set out to save their beloved oak. Their quest takes them from the public-opinion parroting polly-ticians of Washing-Town to the ZU in the Big Pear, where animals meet to vote on world issues. In the end Honey-Bea returns to Washing-Town, where she must convince the First Lady that the life of one tree is worth saving.

        Honey-Bea of Washing-Town is a funny, original and charming book sure to delight both children and adults. Not since Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Walt Kelly's Pogo has there been a heroine like Honey Bea or a place so strange and yet wonderfully familiar as Washing-Town.


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HONEY BEA OF WASHING-TOWN is currently searching for a publisher. We will update the website when new information becomes available.