Comparison Shopping Sites for
Products and Stores

Biz Rate My Simon * SHOPPING.COM




Ratings and Reviews for
Computer Equipment and Electronics

C Net * ZD Net





Travel Deal Sites

Travel Zoo * Last Minute Travel
Recommendations for the best offering from the various travel sites

Expedia * Orbitz * Cheap Tickets *
Four of the most popular discount travel sites

Priceline * Hotwire
Choose your price. You won't see which hotel you've booked until your bid is accepted, and you won't be able to cancel, but if you're daring you could get a great deal. 




Comparison Shopping Site for Services

Lower My Bills 
Price comparisons of phone services, loans,
credit cards and insurance
(Note: at the time of this writing,
Lower My Bills did not include Cucumber,
a telephone service that charged less than
all the companies listed by Lower My Bills
for standard home long distance.)




General Consumer Sites

Consumer Reports
The independent, non-profit magazine for consumers 

The Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau has information on over two million businesses, charities and other organizations. It's also a good place to register a complaint. 

First Gov for Consumers
Your resource for consumer information from
the Federal Government
Chock full of information on all sorts of products and services (Also includes a link to the "National Do Not Call Registry.")  

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Advice on foods, medicines and more 

The Federal Trade Commission
The Bureau of Consumer Protection
Advice on avoiding scams and rip-offs, as well as tips on other consumer topics 

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
Information on recalls and unsafe products