Arts and Entertainment

Before Shevi Arnold became the consumer columnist for The Jerusalem Post, she worked for that paper as an Arts and Entertainment writer -- a job she thoroughly enjoyed. Shevi specialized in humor and family entertainment, covering everything from holiday activities for kids to comedy shows on television and in the theater. 

Here is a list of some of her articles. (The complete texts can be downloaded for a fee from 

Cuts Won't Stop the Haifa Children's Theater Festival -- Jan 31, 1999

Fragile Glass Still Endures (The Glass Menagerie) -- Feb 15, 1999

For Tonight We'll Merry, Merry Be (Purim family fun) -- March 1, 1999

Gavri Banai Goes Solo -- At Last (comedy show) -- March 12, 1999

“Eh-Oh, Teletubbies” -- April 4, 1999

Dharma and Greg: An "Odd Couple" for the '90s -- June 23, 1999

They Were Sent Away and Survived (Kindertransport: a documentary)-- July 6, 1999

Kids Say the *#@!*est Things (South Park) -- July 16, 1999

A Chinese Banquet (Chinese lantern festival) -- July 16, 1999

For Children Only (the Nursery Channel) -- Oct 24, 1999

Hanukka Heaven (Hanukka family fun) -- Dec 3, 1999

The Nursery Channel's Tentative First Steps -- Feb 15, 2000

A Dog's Tale (a children's play) -- Feb 25, 2000

A Puppet Master Remembered -- March 12, 2000 

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Millennium (The Reduced Shakespeare Company) -- May 31, 2000